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Buying kayak in Malaysia

Finally, we bought our kayaks!

Finally, we bought our kayaks!

We thought about buying kayak for our own use in Malaysia for a very long time. Having once worked in an outdoor education center where ocean expedition is a major activity, it is only natural that we had a longing to paddle again. While finances and budget has been the major factor holding us back from buying, the other ‘excuses’ includes not knowing where to paddle and where to buy them from.

We decided on them kayaks because it is something that we have always wanted to get. To add on to it, it is going to be our first wedding anniversary soon and we thought this would be a great gift for the both of us. So, out came the bank book and off kayak shopping we went.

We didn’t actually shop to be honest. We have always known Mr Najib of Renegade Quest Sdn Bhd from previous business dealings. He is a very humble and nice chap. He is the main distributors of a few well known kayaks in Malaysia. So, if you are ever considering buying kayaks, forget them retailers…go straight to Mr Najib. His number is 019-2363013 (or just google Perception Malaysia and you will find his website).

Najib showed us a few models of kayak. We already knew what we wanted but having a look around is never a bad idea. While there are newer models (but definitely more expensive), we decided to stick to our plan (and budget!) which is the Perception Swing Plus.

The Perception Swings are rather long, 3.9m to be exact. They are Sit On Tops and personally we think they are the way to go in Malaysia. They are easy to learn, with hatches to carry gear and very stable. It would be a nightmare to use a cockpit kayak in Malaysia with ‘spray skirts’ because of the hot and humid weather. I have previously tested the Swing tandems and they are awesome. Swings are obsolete models but we know for a fact they are good SOTs and within our budget.

With Najib and his cousin’s help, we got both our Perception Swings onto my Vitara. Thank God we fitted the Vitara with a second hand Vitara carrier. We tied them down with tie downs and set to bring the babies home.

Our Perception Swings stacked beautifully on our Suzuki Vitara. No issues.

Our Perception Swings stacked beautifully on our Suzuki Vitara. No issues.

The first thing we did when we got the Swings back home was to give it a ‘shower’. After a quick wash, we brought the kayaks into the house only to realize that they were way too long for us to conveniently store them anyway.

Meun busy giving the kayaks a quick wash

Meun busy giving the kayaks a quick wash

Now we realize the kayaks are way too long for the house!

Now we realize the kayaks are way too long for the house!

Well, there is no way we are gonna be able to fit our kayaks into our storeroom. So, our best next option is to have the kayaks leaning on the wall. With a wall plug through the wall, we are able to secure the kayaks from rolling over.

The kayaks being stored at home.

The kayaks being stored at home.

We have our kayaks and paddles. We now need PFDs and we are all set to go kayaking Malaysia!

Go to for more information on buying kayaks in Malaysia.

28 comments to Buying kayak in Malaysia

  • Canuck Jim


    I’m moving to KL and bringing lots of Canadian wilderness camping experience, as well as a 16 foot expedition grade canoe. I’ll be in KL in August and would like to meet you and exchange adventure stories on rainforest camping and winter camping at -20.

    Canuck Jim

  • Nice one bro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your semangat …..

  • chea

    Nice kayak. Really big and long. What kind of material is using? Is that same size as those normally see at the beach? I love kayaking. When holiday to island or beach, I will try to kayak around. Sometime whole day to explore the island and those small island.

  • jeremy

    Now i know who i can borrow a SOT kayak from…haha..i have my 2 person Pelican canoe and a single seater Old Town canoe.

    Now, is to organize a canoe/kayak camping and fishing trip!

  • Congratulations! Good choice.

    I’m from Kuching and I bought my first kayak – a Perception Swing, from Najib in KL years ago. Najib is a great guy to deal with and I’d continued to buy lots of kayaks from him since! I bring people kayaking through the beautiful rainforests of Sarawak.

    The Swing is a versatile SOT kayak and I used it for coastal sea kayaking as well. It tracks well so its kinda hard to turn fast on tight and fast rivers – but it handles just great on the river. Mine has been ‘bashed’ on the rocks and stones on the river but its quite tough since its a “plastic” kayak made to take hard knocks.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your rainforest adventures on your Swings!

  • raziz

    Holla… I’m interested to get one, any idea where should i start looking?

  • Keong

    Call Najib. His number is 019- 2363013. If you choose to go to retailers, you can expect to pay between 30 to 40% higher!

  • Chadel

    Hey guys… good funny story about how it couldn’t fit in your house!

    And wats funnier is how your promoting all to go direct to najib to buy the kayaks! haha… i like that!

  • Keong

    Hi Chadel…thanks for the comments! Najib is a great guy and I don’t think if there is anything wrong with promoting him. I think the info will come in handy for many kayak enthusiasts.

  • AJ

    Hi Keong & Muen,

    Near the Pulau Indah got a nice place for kayaking, so far I’m only see the fisherman boat there but i believe it will be a good spot for kayaking, a lots of river channel that can be explore..

    Have a nice day…AJ

  • Keong

    Oh? Is it? Cool. Thanks for the tip. Hmmm…maybe we should make a trip there soon.
    Thanks AJ!

  • shartner

    Hello guys, where can i buy kayak like those in picture, here in Malaysia? Thank u

  • Keong

    You can contact Mr Najib direct for more info on the kayak. Najib is the authorised distributor for Perception and a few other brands for Malaysia. His number is 019-2363013

  • h2o.Devil

    hey keong, it me, beean…how bout we plan for kayaking…whitewater stuff…huh???

  • Keong

    Hey Bean! Long time no hear from you mate. Me do white water? You must be nuts!! I wouldn’t go near white water 😛

  • Pman

    How much roughly would a kayak cost?

  • Keong

    Hi Pman…I am sorry but I think it is best that you contact the person I indicated on the blog. You can deal directly with him 🙂

  • Sam

    Hey Keong,

    I’m sure that you are aware of the Folbots…I do believe that there are available in Malaysia…I saw that the Singaporeans had them…but didnt get the chance to investigate them there…not much online…The boats are great for those of us that are unable to store the long boats in our homes…with the folding kayak…they are durable and very stable… and can be packed in a bag…for travel…even overseas…I just bought a Citibot from Folbot and its only 24 lbs with a 210 lbs payload …and can be taken on the plane or fit in your trunk…dont need a spray skirt unless you want to…but you are right it doesnt make sense to have a spray skirt in Malaysia…
    Perceptions are awesome boats too…had a yellow Perception Dancer when I did the whitewaters…loved my boat…
    Perhaps Mr.Najib can be a future supplier of the Folbots…
    Good luck to all that are finding a boat of choice…

  • Heidi Primo

    I was the owner of a Perception Eclipse 17 airolite kayak from 2004 to 2008 but alas, left it on a small island in Micronesia when I moved to Malaysia three years ago. I want another Kayak here, but my car is much shorter (used to own a pick up truck with camper and racks on top). Also, issue is weight to get the kayak onto the racks on top of my car. Prefer sit inside kiyaks to sit on tops, (owned klunky Ocean Kayaks in past in Hawaii). Want something light!! Any suggestions?

  • Keong

    Hi Heidi…email coming your way.

  • i would like to buy this kayak

  • Keong

    Hi Tasha…the contact is as stated.

  • ching

    cmana nk tau harga kayak?

  • Keong

    Ching…I dah email sama you.

  • Pak Ali

    Hi there,

    I am starting to like kayaking, the SOT type…hope to know more about it from you guys..


  • Schmuelsons

    I wish to buy one (inflatable type) preferred for Island circling in FT Labuan.Is there any seller (new or used) in Miri, or Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Kindly give a call or contact me at the 0107209867or email:

  • Keong

    Good day, for kayaks, please contact Mr Najib at 0192363013. Thanks

  • Keong

    Hi Pak Ali, Thanks for your comments. Great to have another kayaker around!