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Friends, beautiful landscape and the rare Kea parrot

Yup...its us alrite.

Yup…its us alrite.


This trip to Craigieburn Ski Valley was extra special as we came to know an amazingly beautiful and diverse group of people. They came from all over the world, thanks to the New Zealand government through their NZAid program. We were also very thankful that the staffs at Lincoln university went to such great lengths to make us feel at home, hosting us on their precious weekend to give us an opportunity to experience this beautiful country. People, landscape, food and a rare parrot bird called Kea.

Yang needs to learn fire making sooner or later

Yang needs to learn fire making sooner or later

Typical family of us…we woke up early and got the fireplace going. A few pieces of bread and we got out to see what is happening outside. I was hoping for snow…hoping that I would not have to do yet another trek up the mountains in my sole-less boots to play with ice kacang.

A beautiful morning up at Craigieburn valley

A beautiful morning up at Craigieburn valley. No snow but an excellent morning nevertheless.



Our presence in the early hours around the accommodation block soon attracted attention from an unlikely visitor. According to the internet, the Kea is the only true alpine parrot in the world. For a bird to live in an environment like this, it is not surprising that this is a rather large bird. We were later told that they are extremely rare and protected. Beautiful yet at the same time many locals points their fingers for torn out windscreen rubbers seals and even flat tires.

The world's only alpine parrot

The world’s only alpine parrot


The Kea checking out the contents of the ute

The Kea checking out the contents of the ute


The Kea was entertaining. It was obviously very used to human presence. We refrained from feeding it…and just watched it as it went on its own business. It was still the wee hours of the morning. We came up with some ways to entertain Yang Yang. He made up his mind that the spare fuel container and a go at the camera was more fun than any Fisher Price toys.

One of Yang's successful pictures of me

One of Yang’s successful pictures of me




Day 2 trek at the valley...stunning beauty

Day 2 trek at the valley…stunning beauty



Yang's new friend

Yang’s new friend


At the time of writing this, we are supposedly in the last few weeks of winter. I personally enjoyed this trip to Craigieburn ski valley (this happened before the full winter onslaught) but the cold has been a bit more than I can bear. I doubt if I will take up Skiing any time soon but the views of snow capped mountains, the warmth of a fire place and a rare alpine parrot are things that will make me reflect back on Craigieburn Ski Valley. A truly amazing experience.

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