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Our family in Cameron Highlands, March 2014

Our family in Cameron Highlands, March 2014

Hi there!…my name is Keong and I welcome you to my rainforest adventures blog.

Below is what used to be the old ‘About Us’ write-up. .Things have changed since 2012. We are now a family of four with little Li-Yang born in October 2012. Our adventures into the jungle will obviously take a back seat but we are all geared up to continue our lifestyle. Step by step we will bring him out with us to enjoy nature. Parenting and work takes a lot of our time and we find it a challenge to get out , let alone time to sit down and write to update the blog. Nevertheless, we will do our best and we have met some wonderful friends from all over through this site.

We thank you for your visit and checking up on us. We welcome you to stay and hopefully enjoy our humble blog.

Best regards,
Keong & Family


I am living in Kuala Lumpur (K.L) with my wife Sin Meun and our furry four legged daughter Sox. I started blogging about our adventures in 2008 after my wife introduced me to blogger. We initially started a blog on our travels together but later decided to focus more on our rainforest adventures.

I grew up in a small town in Kedah (Northern Peninsula Malaysia), Meun’s hometown is in Negeri Sembilan and Sox home is with us. I have always roamed the rivers, hills and jungles around where I lived. Having moved to K.L for greener pastures, I have found it more and more challenging to find the time and opportunity to get away from the concrete jungle. Every weekend is nature time for both (sometimes 3) of us. Even spending time with Sox walking a trail beats malls anytime.

We are by no means hardcore adventurers. We both met when we worked in an Outdoor Education center in the beautiful island of Langkawi. We have traveled together since then to many places together, discovering new places and learning new things.

The more we involve ourselves with nature, the more we discover about ourselves. I for instance have discovered a new interest in Bushcraft. Bushcraft is sort of like traditional skills and knowledge that is needed to live comfortably in the natural environment or at the very least to survive in it. These skills are the very skills that have allowed our ancestors to co-exist with their natural world back then. Bushcraft taught me to observe and appreciate things better and most of all…patience.

Meun on the other hand is now a certified diving addict. She will scoot off for a dive whenever she can and spend many days after that sharing photos and stories of her dive trip. I finally managed to convince her to write and publish her stories here – though I wish she can write more (she hates writing).

Then there is Sox. Sox is forever fixated over the pesky fly and anything else that moves. We try to bring Sox out with us whenever we can but there are certainly certain restrictions in Malaysia when it comes to bringing dogs to public places.  She is the most adoring furry friend ever and we love her dearly.

We will continue updating this blogsite with our rainforest adventures. We are no expert bloggers but we do hope that our stories will inspire others to come and experience this magnificent world. This blog is our blog and we welcome everyone to visit us anytime. We have made many new friends from around the globe whom we met through this blog. To some, we have welcomed them to our humble home and have shared some travels with them as well.

If you’d like to reach us…you can do so by sending email to: ‘keong’ at (this website address) or you can write to us using the Contact Us form. I assure you a reply!

My Rainforest Adventures!

Keong, Meun & Sox