PART II: The journey into Taman Negara begins

On our way to the Merapoh entrance to Taman Negara

Taman Negara Trailblazer jungle trip…here I come! It was a Wednesday morning and we all gathered at the Gombak LRT station. With all our fully loaded packs, we hopped onto the MYCAT Hilux and headed for Karak highway towards Merapoh. We only stopped for breakfast and toilet breaks. Man, the only rep from MYCAT did most of the driving while the rest of us chatted about matters ranging from parangs to blood diamonds (it is a long drive).

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Part I- The MYCAT Trailblazer Project trial run

Visit MyCat website by clicking the picture above

Some months back, I received an email with an attachment on MYCAT ‘Trailblazer’ project. Being a member of Malaysian Nature Society, I am aware of MYCAT works but have not been able to get involved personally. This particular project seems interesting, with volunteers spending multiple nights in the jungle with Perhilitan officers doing border clearing and patrols (though volunteer are not doing the actual partoling itself). But the email indicated that this would be the first trial run for the Trailblazer project. Trial runs usually mean uncertainties and this holds true as the days unfolds.
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