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My first Reef Check dive at Pulau Redang; Final

Some of the dedicated Reef Check volunteers

Some of the dedicated Reef Check volunteers

The visibility during my dive at Pulau Redang was so far the best I’ve experienced in Malaysia islands.  Well, not that I’ve dived a lot.  Belle and I did substrate survey at Paku Kecil where we count the hard & soft corals, sponges, Nutrients Indictor Algae (NIA) & others.  There were many NIA at this site, which is not a good sign.  Except for some Trivallis and Fuscillia, I didn’t get to see much of other fish as our heads were down most of the time doing substrate survey.  However, what I like about doing substrate is you pay more attention to the micro stuff.

Colourful nudibranch- Phyllidia varicosa

Colourful nudibranch- Phyllidia varicosa

Christmas tree tube worm

Christmas tree tube worm

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My first Reef Check at Pulau Redang; Part I

My favourite - Nemo the clown fish

My favourite - Nemo the clown fish

Come to think of it, it was 8 years ago that I last set foot on the beautiful Pulau Redang.  I don’t think Redang needs much explanation, unlike my last Reef Check trip to Pulau Aur.

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Tioman ferry

Tioman ferry is probably the cheapest way to get into this tropical island paradise. I have been on the ferry a couple of times these past few months and I thought the experience (and information) would be useful to share.

Tioman ferry will depart from the Mersing jetty. If you are traveling by bus, chances are the bus will end at the Mersing bus station. It takes about 20 minutes to walk to the jetty. Alternatively, you can take a taxi but expect to pay nothing more than RM10 (lets all keep it that way!).

There are two Tioman ferry service providers from Mersing. Mersing by the way is the most common departure jetty to Tioman Island. The ferry operators are:

Tel: 07-799 4811
Fax: 07-799 5696

Tel: 07-798 2986
Fax: 07-798 2980

Not exactly a ferry but a speedboat that I once had to take. Very fast but can be very uncomfortable

Prices of ferry tickets are around RM35 on way. You’ll get some discounts if you are a local or you can prove that you work with one of them resorts on the island. The tickets are sold as early as 5am. The ticket sellers try to take advantage of the early passengers that arrives and they will most probably push you to purchase an ‘open’ ticket back as well. It is OKAY to get the tickets from them. The tickets sold by them are valid and costs the same. They probably get some commissions from the actual boat operators. Other ticket counters usually opens at around 630am as the first ferry is usually 7am.
If you plan to head to Tioman Island and thinking about taking the ferry, consider doing the following:

If you plan to head to Tioman Island and thinking about taking the ferry, consider doing the following:

  • Call up in advance and make your booking. I have personally done my ticket booking with Fast Ferry via Fax and they actually have a record book that records all the bookings. By Malaysian standard, not bad at all I would say.
  • Call up and find out what are the ferry schedules. The reason I did not display the trip schedule is that on a number of occasions, they increase/ reduce the number of ferry trips due to weather, sea conditions, peak/ low seasons etc.
  • Purchase the return ticket straight away if you already know the dates that you are heading off. This way, you need not worry about where to get tickets when you are on the island.

Like the ferries that ply the Kuala Kedah – Langkawi and Kuala Perlis-Langkawi routes, the ferries used are all closed up with strong diesel engine smell inside. The air-condition is usually very cold, the seats rather narrow for my big size and in-house TV that is certain to show some pirated movies (if they show any at all).

Most of the island is still covered in thick tropical rainforest jungle Furthermore, the island’s villages are scattered and there is no proper paved roads connecting them. So, almost each village has its own ferry jetty.

One of the many stops the Tioman ferry makes

You MUST know which jetty/ village to get off. To name a few, there is Tekek, Juara, Genting, Paya, ABC and Salang. All these places are on the island itself and the ferry will stop at each village one after the other. Its kind of like a bus making stops at each bus stop to drop/ pick passengers.

NOTE: See where and how to take a bus to Mersing jetty under ‘Label’ section on the right side of the page.